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Why Choose the Lady Prospects?

Why Choose the Lady Prospects?


Athletes practice twice per week with focus on individual skill development as well as team instruction. Competition opportunities include a full schedule of weekend tournaments and scrimmages as available. We want our athletes to be the best basketball players they can be. This requires a lot of practice, training, and working on weaknesses. This is the tough part, it means working hard, and we will push them to work harder than they want to sometimes.

Quality Coaching

The Lady Prospects coaching staff is comprised of college and high school coaches who have experience with not only fundamentals, but also with the recruiting aspect of the game.

College Exposure

Tournament schedules are built to support athlete’s exposure to collegiate coaches. With our high level tournament schedule, we compete in tournaments featured in the Midwest from Under Armour, US Junior Nationals and several others. College recruiting seminars with athletes and parents are provided as well. Play for a club the colleges know!


Our reputation is a club that provides a positive and family environment for athletes and their families. Since 2005, we draw athletes from a broader geographic base giving the teams more depth. Basketball is used as a platform to teach life lessons and character development, such as how to be a leader, handle adversity, and work in a team setting.